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Terminal Units

Outlets in Mounting Cases

Medical gas OUTLETS IN MOUNTING CASES for intensive care wards, small operating rooms and emergency rooms

  • Two types of mounting on the wall:
              surface mounted
              hidden mounted
  • Three types of cases:
              one gas connection
              connections for 2 gases
              connections for 3 gases
  • Medical gas outlets standards:
              DIN 13260-2
              LST EN ISO 9170-1:2008 

Medical Gas Outlets and Probes

Quick-connect specific medical gas outlets for operative connection of the medical equipment to medical gas supply systems

  • Two connection positions: working or standby
  • Two gas closing stages: working and service
  • Mechanic purifying filter
  • Outlet's base coding to the head part
  • Outlets for O2, N2O, CO2, vacuum, air 5 bar
  • Standards: DIN 13260-2  
                     LST EN ISO 9170-1:2008 


  • Probes for O2, AIR, N20, CO2, VAC:
               -with non-return valve

               -with 3600 turn

               -for flexible hoses
  • Probes for O2, VAC:
    -of oxygen humidifier
               -for vacuum regulator
  • Standards: DIN 13260-2



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