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Supply Sources

Central Oxygen Plants

  • Oxygen station with liquid oxygen cryogenic vessels as a primary source and two sources from the gaseous oxygen cylinders.
  • Cost effective in hospitals with 100 beds and more
  • As the primary source of oxygen in hospitals can be used required power oxygen concentrator.
  • For hospitals up to 50 places or separate hospitals block’s oxygen supply may be used gaseous oxygen cylinders supply sources ensuring sufficient oxygen supply reliability.
  • Productivity to 1500ltr./min.

О2, N2O, CO2 Cylinder Manifolds

  • For three different pressure sources connection
  • Two stages pressure adjustment
  • Safety-valve from pressure of excess
  • High pressure reducers heating
  • Productivity to 500ltr./min.
  • Number of cylinders: 6 ÷ 24
  • Light indication of working gas cylinders group.
  • Light and sound hazard alarm.

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